the Emergency Regulations Ordinance

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e Basic Law can only be judged and decided by the NPC Standing C

ommittee.Legal experts here supported the remarks of the spokesperson and urged early correction of the ruling of the High Court.Tam Yiu-chung, a member of the NPC Stand▓ing Committee, said the ruling challenged the legitimat▓e power of the chief executive to govern in accordance with the law and will exert negative influence on Hong Kong in the long run.The ruling actually winke

d at violent acts of masked rioters and made Hong Kong resid

ul for▓ stopping violence

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    and restoring order in Hong Kong.Hong Kong court ruling unconvincing, unh▓elpful for stopping violence: legal expertsHong Kong court ruling unconvincing, unhelpful for stopping violence▓: legal experts11-20-2019 0

    Mei-fun, a member of the HKSAR Basic Law Commit

  • tee under the NPC Standing Committ

    9:36 BJTHONG KONG, Nov. 19 -- Hong Kong legal experts said on▓ Tuesday that Hong Kong's High Court ruling related to the Emergency Regulations Ordinance was "surprising and unconvincing" and unhelpful for stoppi

    ee, said the Emergency Regulations Ordinance w

ng violence and restoring or

as adopted as the law of the HKSAR, in accordance ▓with Article 160 of the Basic Law of the HKSAR.T▓he chief executive has the obligation and power

der in Hong Kong.The

to refer to the ordinance in socia▓l unrest in Hong K

the ruling o
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